Firearms Coating

Twisted Firearms LLC can help you with your coating project. From single color protective coatings to custom projects with patterns and camouflage, we can do it for you.

We use several different industry specific coatings including Norrell's Moly Resin, Duracoat by LCW, and Cerakote by NIC Industries. Each of our coatings has specific advantages. We also offer parkerizing as either a primer or a finish coating. We will discuss your options with you to help choose the correct coating for your application.

While the process for each job is somewhat custom tailored depending on starting material and desired end result, our overall process is as follows.

Disassembly - The firearm must be disassembled as far as it can be for a proper coating to be done.

Degrease - We soak and scrub the parts in a degreasing solution that we have come up with and found to be very effective while not being corrosive at all to the metals and plastics found in most firearms.

Ultrasonic Cleaning - If needed we will clean the parts in a non corrosive solution in a heated ultrasonic cleaning bath.

Media Blasting - Once we insure the items are free of grease and solvents we media blast using aluminum oxide. This removes any old finish and gives us a good surface for the new coating to stick to. It can also help remove some small and minor imperfections in the metal.

Pre-heat - This step does a couple things. First of all it helps leach out any residue/grease/oil that has remained. Secondly it helps warm the metal to aid in the parkerizing process or provide the proper preheat temperature for the desired coating.

Parkerizing - If desired we parkerize with a manganese phosphate parkerizing solution. Parkerizing can help etch steel giving it an absorbing property which can greatly help adhesion of the coating to be used. Parkerizing can also be used as a final finish that will hold protective oil in the metal.

Coating - At this point we apply the coating/color of choice. Methods vary from HVLP to air brush and can take several steps depending on patterns.

Heat Cure - For coatings such as Moly Resin or Cerakote that require heat to cure. Items are cured in our custom oven designed specifically for firearms coatings. It is nearly air tight and thermally regulated with advanced digital controls.

The final step once the coating is cured is to inspect and insure proper coverage and surface. If any imperfections are found they are fixed in the proper manner. If everything looks good we reassemble and ship the items back out.

Pricing can vary depending on several factors such as condition of firearm, product desired, color or pattern, and type of firearm. We quote each job individually the best we can and finalize once the firearm is in our possession so we can evaluate. Below is a basic guide of our standard coating fees. Disassembly and reassembly are an additional fee to all the prices listed below.

Handgun Slide - $60
Handgun Frame - $70
Complete Handgun - $150
AR15 Upper or Lower - $60 each or $100/matched set
Rifle Barrels - $75
Rifle Stocks - $80
Barreled Rifle Receivers - $140
Rifle Bolt (Remington 700) - $50
Shotgun - $150
10/22 upper receiver - $50 (Trigger guard +$20)

Parkerizing prices vary greatly so please contact us for an estimate. Disassembly/reassembly is available upon request but unless specifically requested it is assumed firearms will be disassembled by the customer. Prices do not include shipping unless specifically stated. Please contact us for an accurate estimate.

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